Top 12 Casino Hotels Near Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Gambling Mount Rushmore

All the gambling aficionados who enjoy traveling will be thrilled to visit one of the casinos near Mount Rushmore. The National Memorial in South Dakota has been attracting tourists for as long as it has existed. And since gambling is a branch of industry that has been constantly developing, it comes as no surprise that a number of casino hotels have been situated around Mount Rushmore. It is a perfect way of combining sightseeing and the thrill of gambling with the purpose of creating a perfect holiday destination. Continue reading “Top 12 Casino Hotels Near Mount Rushmore National Memorial”

What is a HUD in Online Poker

What is a HUD in Online Poker

In online poker, there is a feature called “the HUD”. That acronym stands for heads-up display. A HUD is essentially a series of informational graphics that appear in various places on the screen. These HUDs help in paying attention to everything that is going on, and in most cases they are customizable. I will explain the main features of HUDs usually available when playing online poker.
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Crypto Gambling Phenomenon

Crypto Gambling

Cryptocurrency and online games are a perfect combination. And that sums up what crypto gambling is all about. It is simply gambling using cryptocurrencies. Crypto gambling has largely gained popularity with gamblers that want to transact with online casinos and not to share their financial information, bank accounts/credit cards, and with those who live in jurisdictions where online casino transactions are hard to process.

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The Weirdest Poker Win of All Times

Poker Win of All Times

In 2014, Dan Coleman defeated Daniel Negreanu in the World Series of Poker at just 23 years of age. He won $15.3 million which is the 2nd largest prize in the history of Hold’em. This tournament was held in Las Vegas. Daniel is an American professional poker player from Holden, Massachusetts. He rose to fame in 2014 after winning $1,000,000 in the Big One for One Drop.
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