Crypto Gambling Phenomenon

Cryptocurrency and online games are a perfect combination. And that sums up what crypto gambling is all about. It is simply gambling using cryptocurrencies. Crypto gambling has largely gained popularity with gamblers that want to transact with online casinos and not to share their financial information, bank accounts/credit cards, and with those who live in jurisdictions where online casino transactions are hard to process.

Advantages and Disadvantages
There are many advantages of using cryptocurrencies to bet: transactions are fast and anonymous, there is no opposition to payments, and you do not even have to worry about taxes. Moreover, as cryptocurrencies are not official, it is perfectly legal to bet with, wherever you are. Fortunately, betting with cryptocurrencies is becoming more and more common, allowing to leave user comments and reviews. However, even these comments online are not always completely reliable. Many “professional bloggers” leave a positive comment on a casino in return for remuneration.

Further, if you really are a player who cares about privacy, then crypto gambling is definitely for you. Since you do not have to register or fill out forms that require personal information, as soon as you enter an online casino site that accepts cryptocurrency, you can start playing. The second advantage is that you can easily deposit and withdraw bitcoin amounts when you want, the same thing with the wagers and payments, a simple click and the transaction occurs instantly! Cryptocurrency casinos also have their drawbacks – especially the lack of regulation, as their creation does not require any legal gambling license. By betting your money in the wrong casinos, you run the risk of never seeing them again. This is, however, not a worry if you choose the right casinos to place bets.

How to Start Crypto Gambling
In order to bet or play with cryptocurrencies, you must first follow simple steps and processes. First, you must make sure that you already have a free electronic wallet that will give you the cryptocurrency address. This is where you will keep your bitcoins or other crypto money and trade with the world. After that, you must, of course, acquire coins and there are several ways to do it.

Start Crypto Gambling

The most common way is to buy on marketplaces: the price varies according to the exchange rate based on supply and demand. Another way to get some is to generate bitcoins via mining, reserved for geeks or computer experts. You can also get free bitcoins by means of faucets called bitcoin faucets, but this solution will only bring you very small amounts. Once your e-wallet is credited, you can simply play by sending the required amounts of bitcoins to the wallet address provided by the online gaming site you have chosen.

What’s on Offer
Some reliable crypto gambling providers include Betchain Casino run by the famous Softswiss platform, BitCasino by Coin Gaming, a trusted online casino provider, LuckyOne, Fortunejack, and Cloudbet, among others. Best crypto gambling game categories include poker, lottery, roulette, blackjack, dice games, sports betting, slot machines, and much more. For a typical online casino offering cryptocurrency gambling, the offerings could include:

– slot machines with higher redistribution rates than real money online casinos;
– poker allowing instant and easy transactions’
– sports betting with favorable odds and many bonuses in Bitcoin currency.
– dice games;
– blackjack with better odds;
– roulette with better odds and more options compared to real money casinos;
– live dealer games.

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