How to Avoid Gambling Fraud

There are different types of fraud when it comes to gambling, and they mostly depend on whether they occurred at a live casino or online. However, regardless of their type, they are all illegal.

Fraud Against Live Casinos

In brick and mortar gaming establishments, fraud can happen against either a player or casino. These days, fraud against players is less common, as there are independent inspectors that examine casinos in Las Vegas and elsewhere to make sure that players have a fair chance of winning. These inspectors examine slot machines and table games in order to ensure that they are not rigged in favor of the casino above and beyond the normal house edge. Slot machines must not be tampered with, and inspectors make sure that the random number generator is not altered to prevent players from winning big. Gambling in casinos is relatively safe because of this. However, if you feel you have been defrauded by a casino, whether through a table game or slots, you can contact the better business bureau or the Federal Trade Commission in order to launch an investigation.

Fraud in Live Casinos

Fraud in Live Casinos

Other types of fraud that happen in live casinos are against the casinos themselves. Counting cards, or using devices that can send signals that predict or tamper with the results of games. There have been instances of all of these, and casinos are now on the watch for them. For example, counting cards is an old trick and relies on math, and casino security watches out for it. There were also people who tried to use laser scanning devices to predict the decay rate of roulette wheels in order to gamble more effectively. This is also illegal, and casino security is constantly on the lookout for things like these, as technology advances.

Gambling is about taking risks, and any advantage for either the house or the player other than the usual house edge removes that risk for one side or the other. While a good defense attorney can help with charges of gambling fraud, it is best to avoid any tricks to gain an advantage and play by the rules. Taking the risk of gambling is what gambling is all about. But if you prefer to rely on your own skill rather than pure luck, then you should give games like poker a shot. Poker, which falls into the category of games of skill, can be extremely rewarding if you become proficient enough at its strategy and is a much better option if you are more keen on lower-risk games.

Online Gambling Fraud

Online gambling fraud is a little different. Fraud against online casinos might involve taking advantage of bonuses. Some other types of fraud include players creating multiple accounts in order to influence others to fold in games like poker so one person can take the entire pot. The measures against this are simple. Checking IP addresses of accounts and making sure the players are real and not bots is an easy way for online casinos to ensure they are not being taken advantage of and no fraud is being committed.

online frauding

Another way that players will fill their casino wallet with their bank account or credit card proceed to gamble that money away and then request a refund from their bank or card company. That way, the player can have a “risk-free” session of gambling online, and still have a chance to win a lot of money.

However, when it comes to casinos defrauding players, the most common practice is that they can skim money from what is owed to the players, or credit accounts for less than the players put in. They can also simply take your money and never credit your account. The best way to avoid being defrauded by online sites is to play on regulated ones because they are monitored by the government. The states with legal online gambling have websites that are regulated and guaranteed to pay you out and be honest. Otherwise, they may lose their license to operate.

The best ways to avoid gambling fraud are to play by the rules and to look for reputable establishments. When playing online, always play on regulated sites and do not try to scam the websites so you do not get fined, or worse, thrown in jail. Although, keep in mind that gaming establishments also have legal recourse against cheaters, as well as that good security will catch most fraud attempts.

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