How to Strike Gold on Online Slots

Slot machines have been garnering our attention for centuries now. It is only natural that we are trying to devise a strategy that might assist us in making exorbitant amounts of money while playing. Yet, no matter how hard we try, we cannot come up with an effective way to prompt online slots to cash out. And why is that? Well, they use a random number generator that goes through a myriad of combinations and settles for only one. How can you possibly go toe-to-toe with it?

You cannot! There is no strategy that will absolutely secure you a win. This is why you should devote your attention to a number of tips and tricks that might at least improve your chances. Sometimes this is sufficient for a slot player to win real money on a casino site. Prepare for a rundown on a number of useful tricks that might increase your chances when playing online slots.

Place Your Absolute Trust in a Reliable Casino

Take a cue from some erstwhile gamblers and only deposit your money when a particular online casino dispels any doubts you might have in it. Make no mistake, it will not be an easy endeavor to locate one that has an impeccable history. But if you are persistent enough, then you will surely enjoy the fruits of your labor. So, the first thing you should do is find a number of casinos that seem to work for you. Then you should start narrowing the list down until there is only one remaining. The best way to do this is by finding various reviews about them.

As you are going to see during your research, there are dozens and dozens of watchdog portals whose objective is to investigate online casinos. This could be your starting point — see their attitude towards those websites you’ve selected. If they adopt a favorable attitude when writing about them, then you might have just found a place where you’ll play online slot games. On the other hand, if they delve deeper into complaints about non-payment or slow payouts, then steer clear of it. You do not want to deposit a lot of money only to realize your mistake. Imagine getting the winning combination only for them to refuse to pay you out.

Therefore, save yourself from this trouble and see what your fellow gamblers have to say. If they are pleased with a site, then there is a high chance you’ll be too. After this, you might want to check their library of online slot machines. You can firstly play for free if you find it to be decent. With the right reputation, interesting games, and friendly customer support, you will not regret your decision.

Be Aware of the RTP

Dedicated gamblers know how essential it is to be aware of the Return-to-Player percentage of every game they play. For novice players, this rate represents the amount of wagered money that a casino will return to their players over time. In most cases, you will find this percentage to go well above 90%. However, do not misinterpret this value as the amount you will get back from a particular game. It merely indicates how much a casino will return in the long run.

For instance, if you are spinning the reels on a slot machine whose RTP amounts to 96%, then the house edge would be 4%. This means that a casino gets 4% of all wagered money on average. The amount itself is evaluated over thousands and thousands of spins. Some of them are yours, while others belong to the remaining gamblers. Bear in mind that you will not surely win back your money by playing a hundred times. You will get it back eventually, but the RTP does not indicate when exactly this might happen.

Admittedly, not every casino advertises this percentage. If you do find it, we would suggest playing the one whose RTP is around 96%.

Does Volatility Help?

During your quest for an online slot game, you will come across a discussion about volatility. This is a risk level that can be either high or low. As you are going to see, some players are proponents of high volatility slots. They even go as far as to say that you will win only if you play them. But, in fact, high volatility does not insinuate that you will strike gold in any online casino. Do not let anyone convince you otherwise.

Namely, a high volatility slot brings with itself a higher risk level. During the actual gameplay, you will notice that you’re earning larger sums of money. However, those winning spins occur rarely. For the majority of rounds, you will be left watching your balance decrease. And you will need to wait for that amazing moment when you will get the winning combination. As you might have inferred, these type of slots cannot help you land a big win. In the end, it only depends on who you are as a player. This particular type will be suitable for those who have patience and a substantial amount of money.

In contrast, there are low volatility slots which have lower risk levels. Do not expect a huge payout on them, but you can look forward to frequent wins. As you are going to see, you will earn something every few rounds. This will make time fly because you will be exposed to different bonus features that will captivate your attention. It will fit those who do not chase progressive jackpots and love to win frequently — regardless of the amount.

Overall, keep in mind that these two types do not help you win a lot of money. But they can impact your satisfaction with the game. So aim for the volatility that fits you in every way.

Use Bonuses

Bonuses are overlooked by some players, even though they might increase their odds. Online casinos offer a number of different promotions, all aimed at attracting more players. The most popular offer is the deposit bonus. For instance, some websites provide a 100% match bonus if you create an account. Let’s say that you decide to deposit $50 — the casino would match this amount and add an additional $50. You could use this money to play some popular slots. As your balance increases, this might boost your chances of winning as well.

All the more reason for you to make use of these promotions. Bear in mind that certain Terms and Conditions apply to them. Therefore, ensure that you read them and check whether the offers come with any wagering requirements. If they do, then there is a specified number of times you have to play the bonus money if you want to withdraw it. Some players fail to examine this which causes them a lot of headaches when they try to get their money. So make sure to avoid this mistake at all cost.

Free Spins

You might increase your odds by using free spins as well. More often than not, online casinos offer them together with the deposit bonus. They come with a prerequisite in this case — you have to fulfill the playthrough to obtain them. Once you do this, you will be excited as they offer more chances for you to align the winning symbols. Who knows, maybe they’ll help you trigger some bonus features by landing the scatter symbols.


There is no strategy that could help you win big while playing online slots. But you can use some of the above-mentioned tips to increase your odds. So, what are you waiting for? Start playing now.

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